7th International Conference on 

Frontiers in Industrial and Applied Mathematics


Organized by

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Central University of Punjab, Bathinda, India

in association with

Department of Mathematics,

North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong, India

November 13-14, 2024

Host Institute

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Central University of Punjab, Bathinda, India

About Central University of Punjab

The Central University of Punjab, has been established in 2009 along with other new Central Universities by an Act of Parliament (No 25, of 2009). Central University has completed a remarkable journey of 13 years. University is accredited ‘A+’ grade in 2023 in second accreditation cycle by NAAC and has secured 95th, 87th and 84th, 81st rank in the year 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 respectively in the University category of NIRF. It is credited with highest per capita research funding. The university has a mission of providing a wide range of instructional and research facilities across integrated and cross-disciplines, promote innovation in teaching, learning and research, and cross-pollinate new ideas, new technologies and new world-views. It aims to create an ignited workforce responsive to regional, national and global needs in tune with the requirements of academia, industry and business. Currently, CUPB has 31 departments and 11 schools in the Sciences, Technology, Education, Humanities, Social Sciences and Law disciplines.  

About the Department of Mathematics and Statistics (CUPB)

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics was established in 2015. The Department of Mathematics & Statistics at the Central University of Punjab offers programs in the areas of mathematics and statistics that lead to the degree of Master of Science and Ph.D. in Mathematics/Statistics. The department offers facilities for intensive training and research in the basic areas of Mathematics (including Applied Mathematics) and Statistics. Research interests in Mathematics include Differential Geometry, General Topology, Numerical Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Cryptography, Mathematical Physics and Mechanics, etc. Research interests in Statistics include Regression Analysis, Copula Theory, Sampling Design, Spatial Statistics, Density Estimation, Quality Control, and Design of Experiments.

About North-Eastern Hill University

The North-Eastern Hill University Act (24 of 1973) passed by both Houses of Parliament received the assent of the President of India on May 26th, 1973. It was published in the Gazette of India (Extraordinary) on May 26th, 1973 together with the First Schedule of the Act incorporating the Statutes of the University. The objectives of the University, as laid down in the act, are “to disseminate and advance knowledge by providing instructional and research facilities in such branches of learning as it may deem fit; to pay special attention to the improvement of the social and economic conditions and welfare of the people of the hill areas of the North-eastern region, and in particular, the intellectual, academic and cultural advancement”.

About Forum for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Forum for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (FIAM) is a government registered India based international association of academicians, researchers, professionals, research scholars and educationalists working in the area of industrial and applied mathematics. It is started by a group of faculty members working in different reputed institutes of India to promote research in mathematical sciences and its allied disciplines. The forum organizes national/international conferences, workshops and seminars for the interest of academician and researchers related to different disciplines.

About the Conference

The FIAM conference, organized by the Forum for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, serves as a premier platform for academia, researchers, and professionals to exchange insights and innovations in the field of mathematical sciences. Through national and international gatherings, FIAM fosters collaboration, showcasing advancements in data analysis, numerical methods, and simulation techniques. With a focus on real-world problem-solving, the conference bridges theory and practice, facilitating dialogue between academia and industry. By uniting diverse perspectives and expertise, FIAM conferences propel research forward, driving solutions to complex industrial challenges and advancing the frontiers of applied mathematics.

Thrust Areas for the Conference

  • Ancient Mathematics
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Bio-Mathematics 
  • Bio-Statistics 
  • Boolean Functions and their Generalizations
  • Computational and Theoretical Fluid Dynamics
  • Computational Mechanics 
  • Control and System Theory 
  • Cosmology and Celestial Mechanics 
  • Cryptography  
  • Differential Equations and Applications
  • Discrete Mathematics 
  • Dynamical Systems and Nonlinear Analysis
  • Fractional Differential Equations
  • Fuzzy Systems
  • Geometry and Topology
  • Image and Signal Processing 
  • Integral Equations
  • Mathematical Physics 
  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Multimedia Security 
  • Nano Fluid Mechanics
  • Neural Networks
  • Numerical Techniques 
  • Operations Research 
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Soft Computing 
  • Soliton Solutions
  • Vedic Mathematics
  • Wavelet Analysis

Important Dates

Abstract Submission

Notification of Acceptence

Early Bird Registration

Regular Registration

August 20, 2024

September 05, 2024

September 20, 2024

October 21, 2024


Prof. Raghavendra P. Tiwari

Central University of Punjab

Prof. Prabha S. Shukla

North-Eastern Hill University

General Chairs

Prof. A. Atangana

University of Free State, South Africa

Prof. S. Sundar

Director, NIT Mizoram

Prof. Sushil K. Tomar

Vice-Chancellor, J. C. Bose University

Prof. Kamal R. Pardasani

President FIAM & Professor MANIT Bhopal

Prof. R. Wusirika

DIA, Central University of Punjab

Prof. Asit K. Chandra

Dean, SPS, North-Eastern Hill University (NEHU) Shillong

Conference Chairs

Dr. Deep Singh

Head, Dept. of Mathematics & Statistics, CUPB

Dr. Ardeline M. Buhphang

Head, Dept. of Mathematics, NEHU Shillong

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Sharma

Secretary FIAM & Assoc. Professor, NEHU Shillong


Dr. Sachin Kumar

Associate Professor,
Dept. of Mathematics & Statistics,
Central University of Punjab

Steering Committee

Prof. G. Shanker

Dept. of Mathematics & Statistics, CUPB

Prof. S. Kumar

Dept. of Mathematics, NEHU Shillong

Prof. Sushil Kumar

Vice President FIAM & Assoc. Professor SVNIT, Surat

Dr. Arvind K. Gupta

Vice President FIAM & Assoc. Professor IIT Ropar


Dr. Harmanpreet S. Kapoor

Dept. of Mathematics & Statistics, CUPB